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A Warm And Friendly Welcome Invitation

Welcome, and thanks for visiting. You deserve peace of mind - today! Let's face it, life is short, you owe it to yourself to get the most out of it; to be all you can be. So why settle for less when it comes to peace of your wonderful powerful mind?

    My business is to teach you how to easily use more of your mind power. You learn easy lessons that bring you peace and joy. Learning just one new mental tip or technique will send peaceful ripple waves of enhanced quality throughout your life. You start enjoying this peace of mind - today! When you improve your mind power - you improve your life.

How Much Mind Power Are You Using?

    Who can place a value on a fresh new life-changing idea; clear thinking, a strong memory, new-found peace of mind, or joy of heart? What a priceless refreshing feeling to know that your mind is orderly, well trained, open, and peaceably working with you, and not sneakingly against you.

    My personal research and studies revealed to me that nearly all the world's population use only a small fraction (5%-10%) of their mind power!! Also, my investigations document the trouble to be deeply rooted in a wide-spread profound lack of personal mental education. 

    Mind power to solve our problems, but we won't use it? As a people, can we deny it? We must be honest with ourselves, and each ask the personal question, "how much mind power am I using"?

Schools Don't Teach This.

    Let's face it, people simply just don't know how to skillfully use their minds to obtain maximum positive results. Noticeable results that make a marked difference in their lives. Common Schools and Universities don't teach this. So, their marvelous powerful mental gift just sits there, nearly unused. We all like to think we're growing; but in reality, could our mental growth actually be retarded?
                        Mentally Retarded, But Don't Know It?

Just think of it, you may be growing physically, but if you're stuck at a 5%-10% mental power use, year after year, then you're mentally retarded. No mental growth. Stagnated. A terrible waste.

    If you could be easily taught to grow mentally; even unto genius, would you do it? Remember, life is short. You owe it to yourself to get the most out of it. The choices are more retarded stagnation, or improved peaceful living. Think about it.

    Properly instructed, your mind can be a wonderfully powerful tool, bringing seemingly endless peace, joy, and personal satisfaction. Untrained, it's only a stagnant mass of untapped potential; which can easily bring daily sorrow, and confusion. Which one is yours? Can you use a little help?

Suffering From Any Of these Stagnant Mind

#1).  The good life strangely seem to be purposely evading you.
#2).  Your mind sometimes seem to have a mind of its own.
#3).  Peace and Joy, if they appear, quickly come and go.
#4).  Inner working of your mind seem like a dark ancient mystery. 
#5).  Your memory works haphazardly.
#6).  Your nightly dreams run wild, out of control.
#7).  You listen to your mind, but with a grain of doubt.
#8).  Your subconscious mind is like a strange foreigner.
#9).  You can't see how your thoughts affect your circumstances.
#10).Your thoughts disobey you, and refuse to do your will.
#11).Your imagination darts about, out of control, like a energetic puppy.
#12).When you really need it, your mind locks up.

Plagued By Any Of These Painful Side-Effects?

#1).  Poor decision making, even when your odds are 50/50.
#2).  Bad happenings always break your string of successes.
#3).  You sometime have a feeling of pending doom.
#4).  Fresh ideas and creativity are nearly non-existent.
#5).  Last minute "monkey-wrenches" always wreck your plans.
#6).  You think you don't need mental help.
#7).  Sometime you feel there's a curse on you.
#8).  You feel like you're out of rhythm with life.
#9).  You have prolonged patterns of wasting your time.
#10). Life seems like a complex puzzle you'll never figure out.

       Here's The Good News!

Those symptoms and painful side-effects can be traced to a lack of personal  mental education. What happens when a mind is unknowingly operated improperly. When operated properly, they quickly disappear.

    It's good news knowing you can be easily educated on how to operate your mind. Hint: the good life of peace and joy is hidden behind each of those ills; once eliminated, the good automatically steps forward. Mental Education cures the ills.

    Mental Education means learning valuable lessons. I teach you the valuable lessons. Learning just one new mental tip or technique will send peaceful ripple waves of enhanced quality throughout your life; upgrading it automatically.

                  A Very personal And Private Insight.

Oh boy, can I identify with those painful side-effects! I was once there. Peace and joy nowhere to be found. You see, many years ago, I was only using a small fraction of my mind power. I always wondered if knowing more about how my mind worked, would help improve my life. I can still hear the negative old folksy advice, "you'll go crazy if you learn too much about the mind". "It's not safe to go too deep".

    And you know, that advice kept most people from learning deeply. And since they feared knowledge of their own mind, a common wide-spread low mental education/power use, was established as the norm. Can you see that?

    Persistently as a scholar, I ignored that old folksy advice. I made it a focused life-long quest to study and learn all I could about the inner workings of the human mind. I really love the subject! So, as I look back over (30) years ago, I remember feeling those earlier symptoms firsthand.

    I've felt your pain and sorrow; that's why I can help you with successful mental tips and techniques I'm using myself; that bring me daily peace and joy. You'll look inside me. How I personally manage my own mind. It's actually a very personal and private insight. An insight that helps you grow; even unto genius.

You Start Mentally Growing Into Genius.

Let's take a minute and look into your near future. See yourself stronger. Feel your new mental muscles. King of your mind. Command over your thoughts. Clear thinking. Mental peace and joy. Being at the right place at the right time. Project after project. Success after success.

    Fresh new ideas that lead to big promotions, or to start your own successful business. Lucky breaks coming to you seemingly from nowhere. Just think, as you mentally grow, your close relationships with your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and co-workers will be markedly enriched. Impressed, as they see genuine improvement in your life. Your mental education shining through.

    Can you see the effects of using more mind power? How all aspects of your life are upgraded automatically? In short, you start mentally growing into genius. Making this a special point in your life.

A Special Turning Point In Your Life.

You're living in the information age. People communicating and sharing their unique information. No other time in history has allowed us to learn from each other so quickly and easily. This swiftly breeds new learning opportunities. Personal growth flourishes. Self-education reigns supreme.

    Each day, lives are changed and upgraded when these learning opportunities are grasped. Since each of us are peculiarly unique in sharing our information, who knows if a similar mental growth opportunity like this one will appear again? When you really think about it, this could be a special turning point in your life. A time to turn from your old mental life, and build anew.

               Relax; Let's Build A Relationship.

    You're about to go on a unique journey. As teacher and student, lets build a solid relationship. Let's get started. So relax, tour, and enjoy this web site. Enjoy the free articles, free mental check-up. I guarantee  your personal mental growth. 

    To learn more about me and the Mental Education Company, click onto the "about us" button. 

    The "articles" link allow you to enjoy free specialized articles about your mind. Articles that put you on a sure growth path to genius.


Lastly, I leave you with this revealing poem:

Your  Great  Mind

Once upon a time, there was a great mind,
but it had a weak soul as its king.

The soul willed it wrong, and it wasn't too long,
peace and joy it never did bring.

His life filled with much lack, 'cause he didn't have the knack,
'cause he was new and green at this thing.

Tried every which way, to brighten his day,
but peace and joy kept refusing to cling.

You see the soul was blind, about the workings of his mind,
and his life never had that true ring.

But the soul got wise, and opened his eyes,
and a mentor took him under his wing.

Taught him tricks of all kind, on how to use his great mind;
now sweet songs of peace and joy he can sing.

Once again, thanks for visiting, and enjoy your tour.

Terry Goss
"Improve your mind - Improve your life"

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